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In the new musical system based on Phi and Pi.greco, we will find the connections with sigma, Pi.greco and the most important harmonic relationships. There is also a column 10/x. In this system, all the notes have this connection as well as the factor 1,2 (which creates the connection with Pi.greco). There are other harmonics connections less important that, however, may be connected with the values concerning the equations of the string theory. The system is perfectly framed: begins with the factor 0,75 and ends with the connection 12. The corresponding to the factor 0,75 is 13,33333 but no longer enters the system because the notes are completed. There are 36 notes for a range Phi that applied to the circle of 360 degrees creates 10 subdivisions (a decagon, the DNA, etc…).
This was the initial intuition that meant that the Eng. Christian Lange has reconsidered the musical system based on Phi and Pi.greco.

Qui sopra la Tabella (in PDF) del nuovissimo sistema musicale aureo, cioè basato su Phi e Pi.greco

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